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 If you are a fan of historical fiction, or even just of fast-paced adventure stories, you’ll find something you like here.

Gordon’s novels are set against genuine historical backgrounds and events, and cover history from Roman times, through the Dark ages, the Pictish era, the Norman Conquest and to the tragic events of World War 1. All books are available from the Amazon Kindle store in e-book format, and most are also available from Amazon in paperback format.

Gordon’s books are being read all around the world. Take a look at the reviews and you’ll see just how highly rated these stories are. Click on The Library for more information on each title.

Current News

The Sempronius Scipio Series:

New publication, The Poisoned Chalice

After witnessing Maximinis Thrax seize power in a violent coup, Sempronius Scipio has tried to drop out of sight, moving to a quiet town on the northern coast of Africa. But despite his best efforts to maintain a low profile, events quickly catch up with him, and he finds himself facing spies, political intrigue and battles as he is caught up in a rebellion which plunges the Roman Empire into a bloody civil war.